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Are you fed up with slow internet speeds?  Now we have the solution for you with our satellite fast internet, giving you speeds of up to 20Mb download and 6Mb upload, and, with no landline required, this great new service is available everywhere in Europe.

We at are official distributors and installers for tooway™ and are currently installing this fast internet service between Murcia and Valencia and all rural areas. So, if you don’t have a landline or have slow internet, give us a call and you can start using our superfast service now.

All you will need is a 75cm exterior dish and modem which we can install for you.

Every month, Fast Broadband are offering special deals on a new Tooway System. Check out our Special Offers Page here.


Tooway offical supplier - internet for everyone




How it works

Tooway™ is a bi-directional satellite solution bringing always-on, high-speed internet access to all Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. The small, easy to set-up, outside satellite dish connects your pc or home network directly to the Internet directly via the satellite without the need for a telephone line.

Typical User Profiles

Because your needs are unique, Tooway™ doesn’t just come as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ Internet broadband service. We believe in choice and in providing you with a tailored, appropriately priced solution for your broadband Internet access.

The Tooway™ service is available in five convenient packages according to how much data you need to download. Tooway™ services provide you up to 20 Mbps download and 6Mbps upload speeds. Check out our Prices Page for more information here.


How it works

Tooway™connects your computer via satellite to a super fast link to the main internet backbone.

A single satellite minidish & a set-top-box (modem) are all you need, the 18 Mbps broadband service is available everywhere in Europe with no regional discrimination, and you don't need a phone line.

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